What is “Green Theater”?

The Bushwick Starr is dedicated to operating our theater in an environmentally responsible and conscious way.  We do our part to keep green- from the cleaning products we buy to the type of paint we use (non-toxic).  But our Big Green Theater program will definitely raise our level of green operation.

Here is a list of ways that we will work together with our artists to create eco-friendly theater:

– Use fluorescent and/or LED lighting units
– Create manual generators (ie- electricity conducted by a person riding a bicycle)
– Use fuel cell electricity
– Use only recycled materials for sets, costumes, props, etc.
– Design sets with disassembly in mind (no permanent structures)
– Use modular sets
– Don’t use foam or plastics
– Design costumes using sustainable fabrics such as organic cotton, wool, hemp, etc.
– Use only non-toxic paint, dyes, stage make-up, etc.
– Use only pump hairsprays
– Use online ticketing (no paper stubs)
– Use online programming (no paper programs)
– Use eco-friendly cleaning and sanitary products
– Offer concessions that are made from locally grown or organic goods (ie- baked goods, organic coffee, etc.)
– Sell eco-friendly merchandise such as travel mugs
– Donate all production elements (set, costumes, props, etc.) to other arts organizations, schools, or things like wood scraps to bio-fuel use
– Publicize what we’re doing! Make our Environmental Initiative mission clear on our website and all program and project info

2 Responses to “What is “Green Theater”?”
  1. Debbie Bissonnet says:

    My local environmental organization would like to consider modeling your program to the youth of our community. How may I contact you?

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