From the Classroom: SONGWRITING!

This week was super exciting as we had a superstar guest teacher: playwright/composer Julia May Jonas! She taught us about songwriting for theater and gave the students a crash course in different styles (from Taylor Swift to Rent). The kids couldn’t help but laugh at the Ethel Merman samples – they’d never heard such a … Continue reading


From the Classroom: STORIES THAT INSPIRE!

This week, we worked with the students to make a final selection of plays for our Big Green Theater performance in April. We guided discussion as the kids chose drafts that touched on all the various environmental issues we have learned about in the past couple of months – and we made sure they picked … Continue reading


From outside the Classroom: EL PUENTE!

This week was spring break for NYC public schools, so we took the opportunity to work with some kids outside of the school system.  We partnered with El Puente, a Brooklyn-based “community human rights institution that promotes leadership for peace and justice”.  We spent the week learning about environmental issues and developing short plays together. … Continue reading


From the Classroom: MARINE ECOLOGY!

This week at PS 305, we had a marine ecology expert visit the classroom! We learned the history of New York’s rivers and why they have changed so much (hint: it’s because of humans!). The students were excited to learn about the sturgeon fish – which evolved when dinosaurs still walked the Earth and can … Continue reading


BIG GREEN THEATER 2016 is underway!

Our annual Big Green Theater program is back for its 6th year, and we are thrilled to start reporting on our classroom sessions, which have been underway since January at two Bushwick public schools. Here’s a handy outline from our program director, Jeremy Pickard, about what the BGT students have been working on: 1. Our … Continue reading

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Celebrating 5 years of BIG GREEN THEATER!

<p><a href=”″>BIG GREEN THEATER 5th Year Anniversary</a> from <a href=”″>Sue Kessler</a> on <a href=””>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p> <p>2015 marks the 5th anniversary year of The Bushwick Starr's BIG GREEN THEATER program. Each year, BGT continues to grow, and we were thrilled to make our biggest leap forward during this banner year by doubling the program: we now offer … Continue reading


From the Stage: PERFORMANCE!

This past week, BGT sprung to life on the stage!  It all began with private performances for the schools, during which our young playwrights were able to bask in the glory of seeing their work come to fruition as their student peers and teachers cheered them on.  Next, we enjoyed a lively weekend of public … Continue reading

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From the Stage: TECH WEEK!

What a week it’s been! Tech rehearsals for both shows began this past weekend, which means that we are adding lights, sound, and costumes to the production. All of these elements give the actors exciting new things to work with. Even though a moment in the play may have been perfected with the actors alone, … Continue reading



Time has flown by, and we are already in our second week of rehearsals at the Starr for BGT!  These past two weeks have been jam-packed with read-throughs, rehearsals, and production meetings to orchestrate designs for the set, costumes, lights and sound. Because we had two schools writing plays this year, we also have two … Continue reading

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From the Classroom: FINAL DRAFTS!

After an awesome two and a half months together, our classroom sessions for BGT have come to a close. This week, both PS 123 and PS 75 came to the Starr to see the actors read the final drafts of their plays out loud. As they watched their plays come to life, the playwrights were … Continue reading