This week our fifth and sixth graders faced some tough questions that trouble many skilled policy makers and community leaders today. How can we make our community better? How can we create a fair, sustainable community that allows for the opportunities of growth and the optimism needed for resiliency? We were visited by Nilda Mesa, … Continue reading


This week we were visited by Urban Park Ranger Erinn White who taught us about our non-human neighbors and how they make their homes in a city built for humans. We pet real deer hides and hawk talons, played a game to understand how birds lose their homes to human development, and learned about some … Continue reading


This week we rode the Staten Island ferry across our historic, polluted harbor for a field trip. We met Tanasia Swift from the Billion Oyster Project who taught us about our sewer system, threats to our waterways, and the promise of filter-feeding oysters. Then we visited the home and studio of eco-artist Tattfoo Tan who … Continue reading


The week began with a presentation by Markeya Thomas from Climate Nexus, who taught us about hurricanes; in particular, the recent storms that devastated Houston and Puerto Rico. We learned about how global warming makes hurricanes stronger, and how disasters make social and racial injustices more pronounced. Half of Puerto Rico remains without power! The … Continue reading


BGT 8.0 has begun! It’s our fourth year at PS75, and we’re so glad to maintain the relationship. Many of our new fifth-grade playwrights saw the 2017 production, so they came in hungry to write. We’re also hosting BGT at IS77, a middle school in Ridgewood. It’s our first time working with sixth graders– an … Continue reading

BGT Hits the Stage!

After a productive tech week, we started our performance run with mid-week matinees for the playwrights and their classmates from PS 239 and PS 75. The plays were a hit! The young writers were thrilled to watch their friends and teachers enjoying their work. We followed up the matinees with Reflection Parties, during which we … Continue reading


This week of rehearsal was our final week before tech! Our sustainably-constructed set is nearly fully installed and awaiting finishing touches– there are lots of surprises in store! Our sound design is working with the live music played by our band to create a lively soundscape that enhances the arcs of the plays and pulls … Continue reading

Song and Dance

This week the cast learned the songs the playwrights had written with our composer, Wesely Zurick. Our musical score covers a wide variety, including a folk ballad about being stranded, a soulful blues riff from an unpopular mayor, and an epic rap battle between some ghost crabs and the president. We continued to stage the … Continue reading


This week we kickstarted rehearsals with two casts of professional actors.  We read the scripts and then got up on our feet to explore how to create sea walls and Phytoplankton and gigantic crab robot monsters with our bodies. During the breaks, we kept our commitment to eco-consciousness by providing the actors with reusable food … Continue reading