What an exciting and jam-packed week of BGT! On Wednesday we went on a field trip to the Newtown Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. We learned about the reservoirs in the Catskill Mountains where NYC gets its water, built models of a watershed, and took a tour of the plant including the great Digester … Continue reading


This week, we were visited by Anna Orozco who works at Uprose – a grassroots organization dedicated to environmental sustainability and environmental justice. We began our time with Anna by making a “spider web”  out of string to illustrate how catastrophic climate events make it difficult for the earth to sustain itself. A student in … Continue reading


This week we were visited by coastal marine ecologist and dance extraordinaire, Jame McCray. McCray is a PH.D. candidate working to study the effects of human development on beach life – particularly, it’s devastating impact on sea turtle populations. She is also an avid salsa dancer. McCray gave a presentation on current threats to coastal … Continue reading


Our annual Big Green Theater program is back for its 7th year, and we are thrilled to start reporting on our classroom sessions, which have been underway since January at two Bushwick public schools. Here’s a recap from our program director, Jeremy Pickard, about what the BGT students have been working on: “Life’s hard for … Continue reading

That’s a wrap! Celebrating another great year of BGT!

Aaaaand that’s a wrap! What a weekend. To start off, we had the students of PS 305 and PS 75 come to The Bushwick Starr to watch the fully realized performances of their plays! The feeling in the room was electric as these young playwrights got to see the fruits of their hard work being … Continue reading

From the Stage:OPENING THE SHOW!

Our first audience is this Wednesday – it’s the final countdown!  This week we used green design methods to install homemade LED and solar-powered lighting. Our design team also upcycled materials to finalize set pieces and develop costumes. Run-throughs and tech are going swimmingly (just ask our fish characters!) and we can’t wait for the … Continue reading

From the Stage: SET, PROPS, AND MUSIC!

Another productive and exciting week of Big Green Theater rehearsals at The Bushwick Starr! We continued blocking pieces from both PS 75 and PS 305, and started incorporating original songs written by the fourth graders! Composer Julia May Jonas, with help from song orchestrators Eben Hoffer and Wes Zurick, guided the cast in realizing the … Continue reading

From the Stage: COMING TOGETHER!

Big Green Theater has moved into its next phase – we’re out of the classrooms and into The Bushwick Starr theater! This week was full of rehearsals for both the PS 75 and PS 305 productions. We began staging numbers and even got to hear first drafts of the songs by composer Julia May Jones.  … Continue reading

From the Classroom: TO THE THEATER!

This was our last week in the classroom with the PS 305 and PS 75 students! We played some games, and then got cracking on finalizing the plays. Students worked in their groups to find solutions to questions posed by the teaching assistants about their drafts. They also gave each other critical feedback, so they … Continue reading

From the Classroom: DESIGN!

This week at Big Green Theater, we were visited by wonderful wardrobe and scenic designers Preesa Bullington and Michael Minahan! With their guidance, the students learned how to think about creatively designing the scenic elements for their plays. The playwriting groups began to design scale models for their sets using arts and crafts materials. They … Continue reading