We continued design workshops this week! Students were visited by The Bushwick Starr’s Technical Director Jay Maury and Set Designer Michael Minahan to discuss design and develop mini set models (using recycled cardboard!) and costume renderings for our plays. Michael emphasized the role of imagination when designing. He encouraged the students to think about how they could use suggestions for the audience to infer from, such as using a headband with pig ears and a pink skirt instead a full fledged pig costume. Jay explained lighting design and it’s three essential jobs: to tell the story, set the scene, and see the actors. Students brainstormed how lighting might be used to differentiate between a stormy beach and a sunny beach, or to indicate a shift in a character’s journey. Jay then showed us the energy efficient lights and circuit boards he has been constructing for The Bushwick Starr and we discussed the Starr’s use of rechargeable batteries and solar power to light its productions. Because of course– our plays not only tell stories to help the environment, but are produced in an environmentally friendly way!



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