This week we were visited by coastal marine ecologist and dance extraordinaire, Jame McCray. McCray is a PH.D. candidate working to study the effects of human development on beach life – particularly, it’s devastating impact on sea turtle populations. She is also an avid salsa dancer. McCray gave a presentation on current threats to coastal life, such as lights from buildings confusing sea turtles in migration and sea walls built to protect coastal development from accelerated beach erosion due to rising seas and climatic storms such as Hurricane Sandy. Then, we made up a dance emulating waves and collecting shells, to celebrate what we loved about the beach. To finish, we broke into groups of three: developers, scientists, and community board. Students in the developers group presented a new resort idea and students in the scientists group presented the environmental concerns involved. Students in the community board deliberated on whether or not to permit the construction of the new resort. The rest of the week continued with writing fun!



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