That’s a wrap! Celebrating another great year of BGT!

Aaaaand that’s a wrap! What a weekend. To start off, we had the students of PS 305 and PS 75 come to The Bushwick Starr to watch the fully realized performances of their plays! The feeling in the room was electric as these young playwrights got to see the fruits of their hard work being played out in a professional setting.

On Friday, the students came back to have a Reflection Party, and the cast and crew listened intently to their feedback. That night, the show opened for the general public. We had a benefit performance to celebrate this program and ring in Earth Day! Many of the actors noted the differences between the adult and child audiences – it was funny how they laughed at completely different moments!

Screen Shot 2016-04-26 at 10.51.35 AM
On Saturday, after performances of the PS 75 and PS 305 productions, we had a reading of the moving plays written by teenagers during our El Puente workshop over spring break.

Sunday brought two more performances – and marked the conclusion of the Sixth Annual Big Green Theater Festival!  As always, the experience was beautiful, hilarious, and enlightening for all of the players involved. The students learned about issues facing our planet’s biodiversity and practiced their artistic communication skills by developing their own plays, and the teaching artists, volunteers, cast, and crew learned how to think outside the box and be guided by the endlessly imaginative minds of the young playwrights.

Thanks for following along and we’ll see you next year!

Here’s a link to an album of production photos:



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