From the Classroom: MARINE ECOLOGY!

This week at PS 305, we had a marine ecology expert visit the classroom! We learned the history of New York’s rivers and why they have changed so much (hint: it’s because of humans!). The students were excited to learn about the sturgeon fish – which evolved when dinosaurs still walked the Earth and can grow to 18 feet or longer. We also got the chance to examine some real fish and see how they breathe and hear in the water.


Afterward, we played some games to practice seeing like a fish by using our visual periphery and our hearing.

At the end of the week, the students started to write drafts of stories about marine species. We had stories about sturgeon turning into humans and about salmon escaping fishers’ nets. The playwrights incorporated things they had learned from class: fish migration up and down stream and the dangers of being overfished to extinction, for example.  They also had to overcome obstacles in their play writing: halfway through, we told them to incorporate a Valentine’s Day theme — one of their characters had to fall in love with something or someone!   All of the students were experts at thinking on their feet and made intelligent and comedic decisions in a five minute sprint of writing.

We wished them happy Spring Break and can’t wait to start again in a couple weeks.


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