Time has flown by, and we are already in our second week of rehearsals at the Starr for BGT!  These past two weeks have been jam-packed with read-throughs, rehearsals, and production meetings to orchestrate designs for the set, costumes, lights and sound. Because we had two schools writing plays this year, we also have two different shows to put on!  But to conserve resources, we’ve decided to demonstrate ways to repurpose elements of theater.  For example, both shows take place on the same set, so that we don’t waste materials creating different set pieces.  We are also “recycling” the same framing device for both shows to weave the different plays together. This year, the idea is that all of the actors in the shows live on an island with only a certain amount of resources they can use to tell the story of the plays. In the beginning, the actors use resources wastefully, throwing them away after they get used, but as the show goes on, the resources start to run out, until eventually they have nothing, and the actors have to rely on their own ingenuity to create the world of the play.


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