From the Classroom: HIGH STAKES!

As we get closer to the beginning of rehearsals, and the end of our time in the classroom, our student playwrights have been hard at work refining and redrafting their plays. As we go through this process, the lessons we learned from Chantal about making sure the characters are active and the plot stakes are high have been extremely helpful. We have also been re-writing with a eye on how we can make our plays even more powerful in demonstrating the problems of climate change. For us, this means making sure that facts we include in our plays are accurate to what our experts taught us, and realizing that in our plays, like in climate change, there aren’t really good guys and bad guys, but human beings all trying to get what they want in life. We read and acted out our plays for our classmates and asked each other thoughtful questions to help us move forward in finalizing our plays for the stage!


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