Big thanks for BIG GREEN 2014!

02_BGT2014_Sue Kessler

The culminating performances of this year’s BIG GREEN THEATER program ran throughout this week to delighted and enthusiastic audiences of all ages. Each year keeps getting bigger, better, and greener! The student playwrights witnessed their shows brought to life on the stage, surrounded by their classmates and teachers cheering them on. When these eco-plays hit the stage at the Starr each year, it’s one of the most exhilarating and rewarding moments in our Season at The Bushwick Starr– a time when everything we love about making theater comes together and touches the lives of our entire community– from kids to their families, from schools to businesses, in Bushwick and beyond. This is what it’s all about. A chance to enlighten, enrich, and engage our community through the arts to help a global cause. And have a lot of fun doing it. We are so grateful to our collaborators who work so hard on this program each year.

THANK YOU: Jeremy Pickard and Superhero Clubhouse; PS 123’s Principal Veronica Green and Teacher Tara Comastri; Jay Maury; Sarah Hughes; Nate Weida; Michael Minahan and Preesa Adeline Bullington; Harry Poster; Maria Portman Kelly; Anna Crouch; Rachel Levens; Nanda Abella; Eben Hoffer; Tia James; Flako Jimenez; Katey Parker; Vicki Rodriguez and Isabella Sazak.

AND MOST OF ALL, OUR STUDENT PLAYWRIGHTS: Jordan Lopez, Mariana Castro, Jessica Rueda, Leslie Rivera, Jeremiah Maldonado, Emilio Santos, Christopher Cruz, Ximena Ramos, Isis Saninocencio, Joseline Lima, and Heaven Masters



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