Big Green Theater is just around the corner!

Big things are afoot this week at The Bushwick Starr. As trees unfurl their leaves and flowers bloom around the city, our Big Green Theater festival is blossoming too!

Rehearsals are in full swing with Superhero Clubhouse captain Jeremy Pickard directing. The image above is of Jeremy rehearsing “The Plankton’s Escape”, by PS 123 student Jeremy Badia, with Katey Parker, Danny Gardner, and Flako Jimenez.  The set design (shown here in progress) is by Michael Minahan.

This week, the set is under construction at the theater. Here’s a photo of Ava Eisenson (BGT 2011 cast member) lending a cleaning hand during load-in last week.

And costumes and props are getting their final touches! This is a shot of Katey Parker fashioning an octopus from a plastic bag for “Expedition to the Gyre,” by Adrianna Placzek, Mariela Lopez, Delmy Morales & Jailee Mendo.

We can’t wait for you to come and see what we’re been busy creating for the last several months with the writers at PS 123, and the whole Big Green Theater gang. Visit The Bushwick Starr website for tickets and information on the shows, this April 28th and 29th.

See you at The Bushwick Starr!


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