Big Green + Boswyck Farms

In the spring of 2010, we began a partnership with our local hydroponic farming guru, Lee Mandell, and his Bushwick-based organization, Boswyck Farms.  Boswyck Farms began with the idea of bringing fresh food to the surrounding community.  Over the last two years, they have expanded their vision of food production to include educational programs and workshops as well as a consultation service for hydroponic systems.  We asked Lee to build a hydroponic system at our theater in exchange for free use of our large roof-deck space and some small amounts of electricity.  What a deal!  Now we have a beautiful, thriving, roof-top farm.  Thanks to this partnership with Boswyck Farms, we are able to bring more awareness to our community about healthy and sustainable food practices.  Every day, artists and audiences come through our theater and are able to visit the farm.  It’s tangible, accessible, and hands-on, and therefore, a powerful reminder of the importance of working sustainability into our everyday lives.  People can see it, walk right up to it, and if they’re lucky, Lee might be around to explain the beauty of hydroponics- and how easy staying healthy and green can be!

We are looking forward to a long relationship with Boswyck Farms, and plan to expand the farm to include a greenhouse and rainwater catch.  Our goal is to turn the farm into a more prominent learning center for our community, and implement a regular schedule for open-house workshops and demonstrations.


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